A half day sightseeing tour and cruising shore excursion to discover the world of perfume in the city of Grasse.

Tour 5 (Half day tour 4 to 5 hours)

Discover the World of Perfume

Sightseeing tour in Grasse
Sightseeing tour in Fragonard
Sightseeing tour in Molinard

The tour will take you to Grasse, the capital of perfume and have a full guided tour in the Fragonard perfume factory, where you will learn about the history of perfume and the methods of extraction from raw materials, then drive to a second perfume factory to its tarinology studio where you will be receiving an introductory course in perfume-making, with the help of a specialist (called "the Nose"), you will create your own unique fragrance, and at the end of the course you will receive a personalized perfume bottle (100cc) with the name you have choosen for this new creation. You will receive as well a diploma certifying the completion of your course and you formula will be kept by the perfume factory so that you can reorder it whenever you like.

TOUR RATES (per person)
Number of people RATE in €uros
6 to 8 passengers 140
4 to 5 180
2 to 3 250
1 person alone 380
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Above tour rates include taxes, fuel and tolls.
Above tour rates are for departures from Cannes, Mandelieu, Mougins and Antibes areas.
For departure from other areas an extra charge will be added