A sightseeing tour to discover the heritage of Baroque art in the easter side of French Riviera (from Nice to Menton). An art the appeals to the senses, calls forth emotion. It was created in the 17th century in most of the Catholic churches, a demonstrative and theatrical kind of art, an intimate blend of architecture, painting and sculpture.

Tour 19 (Full day tour 8 hours)

The art of Baroque in the French Riviera

You will drive to the old town of Nice, and visit some Palaces, like the Palais Lascaris (once an aristrocratic residence), and churches like the Cathedral of Sainte-Réparate, one of the major examples of early Romanbaroque art in Nice, redecorated in the 17th century, while Nice was Italian.

You will the drive to the city of Menton and visit the Baroque Basilique of Saint-Michel, a fine example of the talent of 17th C. Ligurian architects, this Basilica surveys the old town, which itself forms a baroque neighbourhood. Then you will be driving to the countryside villages of Sospel, and Saorge and finally to Tende (at the border with Italy) and visit the unique splendid churches along the mountain road leading to Italy.

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6 to 8 passengers 100 €
4 to 5 150 €
2 to 3 250 €
1 person alone 500 €
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